First Year UG Registration 2017
Institute - Women's Cell
In a predominantly patriarchal society, such as ours still is, women in the workplace or in educational institutes still find themselves exposed to discrimination and victimization in different ways. The task of this committee is to look into all such issues and create an environment where women, both students and staff, can work with freedom, dignity and equality.

The members of the Bisakha Cell are
  • Prof. Sangita Tripathi Mitra
  • Dr. Prabir Kumar Bhattacharya
  • Dr. Niranjan Goswami
  • Smt. Basabi Pal
  • Smt. Kumkum Mondal
  • Dr. Prajjal Kumar Dutta [DREO, Hooghly District(External Member)]
  • Sri Sudip Sarkar (APP)(External Member)
  • Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate, Chandernagore (External Member)